SUSTAINABLE SCRAP SERIES: Contrast Cowl Pattern Release & Notes!

This cowl design is an exercise in color and texture, and meant to use up leftover yarn. I used worsted weight yarn (or two strands of anything thinner) to make up a worsted weight texture.

This pattern is designed to use up any leftover yarn that you have laying around, and any size 8 circular needles. Also shop on the site for kits! The point here is that knitting is expensive, and adjusting for minor variations can make for a beautiful, one of a kind piece that can’t be replicated again.

Finishing Suggestions:

Depending on the fiber content-I will just put a 100% acrylic cowl into the washer and dryer, steering clear of any zippers or buttons. If it is a blend of any natural and synthetic fibers, I would soak the finished piece overnight in warm water with dish soap. Rinse out the morning after, lay in a towel and roll to squeeze out excess moisture.

If you have the space, hang dry, lay flat to dry or dry on low for 20 minutes at a time.

Happy Knitting and post pictures! I'd love to see your finished pieces.

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