⁠I typically have at least 6-12 projects going at once. This month, that includes:⁠

-2 Brooklyn Tweed cardigans (because why would you make one when you realize that you have enough yarn for a second one hello?)⁠

-6 beanies using the #valebeanie pattern I posted about yesterday, and doing extra large sizes as well as making some more fitted, color blocked beanies using a bunch of yarn I picked up in #Sydney over Christmas.⁠

-4 different scarves, including the piece pictured here using some leftover scraps of fingering and a massive stash of super-fine alpaca a friend gifted me 2 years ago and I'm FINALLY getting through. Thanks Annie!!⁠ (I've been really inspired by the shapes and color choices of Bauhaus Era women weavers from the 1930s.)

All of these projects serve different purposes-the cardigans are a little challenging, the beanies because I've had people asking for years for more fitted beanies-or the exact opposite-something way more loose, especially for someone with A TON of hair, and lastly-the scarves. I need an easy night time knitting project while chilling out with the bf. ⁠

I struggle to do one project at a time-but end up getting bored, stuck or (most commonly) starting getting a million ideas for other projects. Being forced to stay at home has enabled me to reevaluate my projects and just how I create work in general. I've started using a sketchbook again and I keep all the patterns I'd like to try in my queue on Ravelry.

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