PATTERN RELEASE: Vintage Elf Balaclava

PATTERN RELEASE: Vintage Elf Balaclava

My friend Kote was born in the country of Georgia and came over to the States when he was a toddler. He asked me to recreate the hat he is wearing as a child in the photo-and it took me a number of attempts to get it just right. The end result is a (nearly) seamless knit design using one set of circular needles.

Over the past weekend I knit 6 different versions before I was happy with the end results. I've added slipped stitches to the edges and a three-needle Italian bind-off on the top. I'll be posting more videos over this week with tips on knitting your own!

There are a number of vintage patterns (and newer patterns that try to recreate this) and after knitting samples (and misreading patterns) I came up a design and fit that I really loved. I used the basic herringbone pattern you see in the photos and began working my design at the bottom of the neckband in the round, casting off a few stitches for the chin and working the rest of the piece "flat".

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