Local Makers' Market for Valentine's Day!

Local Makers' Market for Valentine's Day!

I have been pretty depressed that I can't celebrate my birthday the way I wanted to this year-which is hilarious because I usually never celebrate! And yes, my birthday is on Valentine's Day. And I will be 40. When Jessica from Family Cafe approached me about doing an event I thought that this could be a great idea for a number of reasons.

My grandmother taught me how to knit-and while she was born in Russian, she was raised in Japan. What that meant for me growing up is that the food she made me is just like the dishes they serve at Family Cafe!

I'll have a number of pieces available at the event that will not be available online-including these heart keychains!


I also get to participate with two other makers-Heavenly Soap Co and with Lina of West Plum Vintage! Stayed tuned for more details and follow @ryandebonvilleknitwear for updates!

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