Knitting in Public

It’s always been slightly awkward for me to knit in public-starting with being a kid and having my school call my parents to say I shouldn’t bring my knitting to school. But over the years I’ve gotten bolder and it usually helps strike up a conversation with other knitters.

We spent the weekend in San Francisco visiting friends and I picked up some yarn at Imagiknit that I couldn’t wait to try. (More on that later)! A few minutes later a woman sat down next to us and started asking me questions about the piece I was working on. Turns out she lives near us in LA, and helped produce some of our favorite TV shows!

Anyhow-point being that anywhere we've traveled and I've been knitting in public-I've been able to meet some really great people. 

What's your favorite kind of knitting project to bring on the road? Tell me in the comments below!

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