Gold Thimble

Gold Thimble

A “Golden Thimble” Award is given out in the Craft and Fashion Industries to recognize outstanding design. My final semester at Los Angeles Trade Technical School is colloquially known as “Golden Thimble”. With 10 categories, we have about 5-8 days to complete looks for each category, leading up to a fashion show on December 8th, 2023.

Classes begin at 7am and typically go until about noon, 5 days a week. This means I’m up at 5am every morning. After almost two years of doing this, I don’t even need an alarm.

I will be adding pieces here that will be in the show on December 8th and are for sale. While you can purchase them now, they will not be available to ship until January 2024.  I will also be adding a number of samples and additional pieces I have made that are similar to those in the show that will be listed for sale on the site.

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